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B2B Marketing – High Chance To Find A Business

Business-to-business marketing is a marketing of products to organizations or businesses for use in production of goods or for resale to other consumers, such as a wholesaler selling to a retailer. The 3 social media networks that are best for the B2B marketing are LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google plus.


Most of the LinkedIn traffic uses it just for recruitment or to get a job. But when looked into the same deeply, LinkedIn can give a business tremendous leg up in market. Some of the statistics depict that 54% of the LinkedIn users earn $60,000 per year and 36% earn $100k a year. If you are the user of only one social media network, make it this one. Phenomenal benefit of LinkedIn is its ability to make contacts and build relationships. Providing information and valuable support to your connections and groups is the key to successful presence on LinkedIn.

Companies and executives can build their brands and establish thought leadership through one million groups present on LinkedIn. If you look into LinkedIn from a marketing standpoint, it allows you to run advertising that can be targeted by location, industry, title, and company. Company pages featured on LinkedIn enhances your ability to showcase your firm on a corporatelevel. Above all, most appealing feature of LinkedIn is its target prospects, which are on a high professional level.

We suggest you some strategies while working on LinkedIn advertising.

  • Understand your own business completely to recognize the target audience, to know whom your products or services can help and focus on them.
  • Create two or more advertisements for the same products with different images or infographics. Give your audience something new to look at.
  • Once you have run the ads, dig into data and analyze it and learn what worked and what did not. Improve on what worked and trash what did not work.
  • Prolong this process week after week and month after month.
  • Premium accounts are the one way of increasing your business on LinkedIn.


It may not be as popular as LinkedIn and Twitter but it can help impact your search engine ranking in a positive way. With over 250 million users and 50% of all the users logging into Google plus daily, it is a social network you cannot ignore. These numbers are sure to grow as Google is making a Google plus account mandatory for all the Gmail users.

From the point of search engine optimization, including Google+ in your B2B marketing strategy is a must. This platform is one, simultaneously connects with the Google applications like Google hangouts and Google maps.


In comparison to other B2B social networking platform, highest advantage of Twitter is character limit in the content. Nowadays, everyone wishes to get more information in fewer words. This is made possible in Twitter. A meaningful, eye catchy picture or video and few lines of content can help the audience retain it for a longer period of time.

Automation technology in B2B marketing is the one future prospect thought leaders are looking out for. To know 5 B2B marketing automation platforms, follow https://www.b2bmarketing.net/en-gb/resources/blog/5-b2b-marketing-automation-platforms

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