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LinkedIn Marketing: The Professional Platform To Reap Profits

Many believe that LinkedIn is only a professional network. But when analyzed, LinkedIn can give a business tremendous a leg up in marketing. Few studies claim that 54% of the LinkedIn users earn sixty thousand dollars per year and 36% earn 100k dollars a year. Here are some ways to raise profit through LinkedIn.

Connect to groups. Enhance your social presence.

We suggest you some tactics, which will enhance your social presence.

  • Seek out relevant groups as per your brands and business ideals. Consider both group size and the frequency of the posts. A simple search can give a result of the combination of largest group and the relevant content for your keywords.
  • Make LinkedIn personal. It is a platform where individuals share their ideas and discuss the topics, not as a brand. So impersonate yourself as an individual and leverage the same to your business.
  • Don’t turn groups into echo chambers. Once you are noticed in a group, instead of posting regularly, reduce the frequency of posts. Raise discussion once in a month.
  • Participate before posting. Understand the dynamics of people in the group before you set an agenda. Like or Leave a comment on other’s posts. Do these activities for at least 3-4 weeks before you start posting your news, views or content.
  • Establish yourself as a valuable contributor. Start a post with industry news instead self-promotion.
  • Go for visual trends like infographics, images, articles, white papers and E-Books to perform well in the group.
  • Once you perform the best practices as mentioned above for seven to eight weeks, it’s perfectly ok to start sharing your own content.
  • Before linking yourself with anyone, wait for the comments or likes. Always respond to comments and answer questions as they come in.

With proper filters, one can find new potential clients on the LinkedIn newsfeed. Leverage testimonials to improve marketing. We suggest you some strategies while working on LinkedIn advertising to boost your marketing.

Dive deeper into your inbound statistics to understand the target audience.

  • Create two or more advertisements for the same product with different images or infographics. Give your audience something new to look at.
  • Once you have run the ads, dig into data and analyze it and learn what worked and what did not. Improve on what worked and trash what did not work.
  • Prolong this process week after week and month after month.
  • Premium accounts are yet another way of increasing your business outreach and exposure on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn marketing is no great mystery. SMM and internet marketing are probably the biggest improvements that businesses have experienced in the last few years.

According to your business requirements, you can choose the category. Create a page and send invitations to the various users to like your page. Start liking, commenting and sharing content with the potential customers and/or organization pages, which helps with lead generation and a possible conversion.

  • Ads

Facebook provides a fantastic advertising platform. You can target specific geographic areas, ages, education levels, and even the type of devices used for browsing. If the user doesn’t like an Ad, he/she can “like” a page right beneath an advertisement. Ads have powerful targeting parameters, but can get expensive, depending on your goals.

  • Groups

Generally, groups on Facebook are discussion forums, but you can create groups related to your industry or product offerings as a way to reach out to potential customers. Such groups are free and have a high potential for audience engagement but can be very time-consuming.

These are the tactics one can implement for effective Facebook marketing. Honesty and truth always prevail, so be honest with the product/service you provide with to achieve success with any marketing strategy.


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